Kukri 101, use and more.

Kukri 101, use and sharpening.

Artwork by Yuta Customs.

Kukri 101.

Kukri use.

Heritage Knives Nepal (our) job is to make you a Kukri in the best way so that it can fulfill its purpose as defined by its character & design, that means: a strong construction, quality materials, proper tempering, optimal heat-treat, use defined shape, weight to support functionality, great balance, easyness to carry and overall a Kukri that lives up to hard use and performs its duty in your hand.  


The "rest" is up to You, the user; to change the grind, adjust sharpness, field repairs, maintenance and slight modifications as you find necessary or as you wish.The mian purpose of a Kukri is not to cut paper or plastic bottles but to cut wood, meat and other things in nature & outdoors. 


Everyone has expectations, we as makers, You as a user, these vary from people to people and it is an impossible task for us as makers to know exactly how you will use your blade.

We will guide you, inform you and support you in the ways possible when asked. 

Everything in life has a kind of give-and-take relationship, with us and your blade from us at Heritage Knives Nepal.  

Kukri sharpening.