handcrafted functional blades from the Himalayas.

Heritage Knives Nepal is a family owned, small business producing handforged Kukri/Khukuri knives, bushcraft & hunting knives for use in the great outdoors as well as professional Chef knives.

Our blades are handcrafted and functional by blending traditional himalayan Gurkha heritage with modern knifemaking skills and scientific techniques. 

We base our Kukri designs on classical antique patterns as used in history by the Gurkhas and other military forces over the last centuries.

Vast research has gone into each knife we make.

Our bushcraft & hunting knives are based on experiences in the outdoors and Chef knives in cooperation with professionals.  

Our quality and testing methods follow International standards as used in Europe and North America.

We use high carbon steel, oil hardening, proper heat treat for our Kukri & Outdoor knives. 

Heritage Knives Nepal´s awesome Kukris, Knives and Blades can be bought in our webshop,

at DLT trading (USA), Nordiska Gurkha (Sweden) and Chef knives at Kar.ma coffee & The Local Project (Nepal).

We are the first Nepalese knife producing company to be represented in North America and Europe,

the first to attend the worlds largest knife show - Blade Show, in June 2023 in Atlanta, GA, USA.  

Heritage Knives Nepal is a proud supporter of the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

Kukri Khukuri knife semi custom maker Heritage Knives in Nepal, webpage Kilatools.com base our work on antique Kukri. The famous Gurkha blade made to a superior quality standard, perhaps the best. Manufacturer, producer and retail of the famous military, utility, bushcraft Gurkha knife. From 20th century to 19th and 18th century based design made for use.
semi custom Knife and Kukri/Khukuri semi custom maker Heritage Knives in Nepal, webpage Kilatools.com, we test each blade in all stages of production. Our quality and testing methods follow those of International standard and as used in Europe and North America. A producer and retailer of the famous Gurkha Gorkha knife of Nepal. From 20th century to 19th and 18th century based design. Our Kukri khukuri knives include some of the best and closest reproductions of the C.B.I. small MK 2, WW2 issue M43, classical MK 3, The WW1 Papu Khukuri, Officer´s Chirra and several others. Own creations based on military issue and private purchase Kukris include among others, The outdoor MK3. Heritage knives has an awesome line of military Kukri knives with blade lengths from 8 to 16 inches long. Our Knives are made for use with new high carbon 5160 or 52100 steel, properly forged and worked with in a blend of Himalayan mountain and western practises, quenched, heat treated and made to highest quality and standards. Best in use during camping, nature walks, outdoor life & bushcraft. Bushcrafting.  We forge our Khukuri/Kukris based on those used in battle and war, genuine antique. User friendly, functional, innovative, respectful, heritage considerate knife maker, custom maker, blade smith, blade maker with some of the best Kukri knives available.  India, Dehradun. China, Burma, Far East, Asia, Empire, World, house. Best quality, customer service, museum, photo, image, soldier, Himalayas, mountains, mora, dagger, viking, mt. Everest, Brigade, photo, image, traditional, award winner, amazing, genuine, British military, Indian army, nepal armed forces, war, battle weapon, tactical tool. 20th Century Military Repro Kukri Knives, Standard Gurkha Issue, Private Purchase and Military Use. Sirkukri, Gurkha antiques. genuine Social cause entrepreneur to empower skills and knowledge tora kora. Good karma.

Respect - Heritage - Innovation - Functionality - Quality.

Namaste, Sewaro & Welcome


Heritage Knives Nepal


Kila Tool Works.

A semi-custom Kukri/Khukuri and knife maker in the Himalayas.

Kukri Khukuri knife semi custom maker Heritage Knives in Nepal, webpage Kilatools.com base our work on antique Kukri. The famous Gurkha blade made to a superior quality standard, perhaps the best. Manufacturer, producer and retail of the famous military, utility, bushcraft Gurkha knife. From 20th century to 19th and 18th century based design made for use.
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Heritage Knives

in the news, Kathmandu Post;

"A leading edge in a new realm of Nepali knives."

March 5, 2020.

Heritage Knives Nepal (HK) awesome Kukri knives and other knife styles are listed in the webshop, BLADES BY HERITAGE KNIVES. We are here to serve you so feel free to get in touch with us if you wonder anything. HK uses exclusively imported high carbon steel to handcraft our Knives and Blades, our blades are given a optimal heat treat, never kettle quenched and follow the needs of the steel used. We are a Nepali - European collab working to increase the knowledge of handmade Nepalese knives, steelcraft, Gurkha heritage and work for empowerment through our quality products, all made to be used in daily life. 

All our Kukris and knives are made by blending Himalayan and Western knife making techniques and traditions, combining traditional Nepalese arts with modern Western science. Our blades can be trusted for heavy duty use and come with warranty.

All our reproductions are based on original antiques from a bygone time which are with us in the forging workshop and used as a base. We do create newer takes on some classics as well as unique creations. 

Our passion is superior quality Kukri´s & Knives and a love for history & heritage. When we are not busy forging Kukris and knives we are usually deep in the world of research. Our website is one of the largest and most complete on the history and heritage of the Kukri, please visit our KUKRI HISTORY & HERITAGE  tab which has articles by leading researchers, world acclaimed authors and much else including our own research on the Khukuri/Kukri and the people behind them. 

All our Blades are handforged and handmade in eastern Nepal, the former Gurkha garrison town of Dharan, at our workshop and of single origin which allows us to ensure the quality standard we want. It must be understood that our handmade blades will vary a little from piece to piece and batch to batch as we do not use CNC machines nor any major powertools, the base is underlying traditional in nature while in the forging and steel work section we have implemented several changes to ensure a strong blade by for example using good steel, oil, heat treat and much else. All our blades are made for use and come with a Satin finish unless you inform us.   

To learn more about us, please see in menu tab ABOUT US and MORE (FAQ). Our awesome Kukri knives and Blades are found in BLADES BY HERITAGE KNIVES, our Blades are sorted in Category:

World War 1 / World War 2/ Historical / Utility & Traditional /

Small & Medium Knives / Chef Knives

At the moment we require 4-6 weeks on most orders, perhaps longer in some instances. 

Our videos are found on Youtube and also in our Video Library

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Heritage Knives Nepal are proud to support the amazing work of the Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) and a Platinum Member of the Business Club. This ensures that your purchase helps Gurkha veterans and their families to a better life. 

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