Gurkha MK5 "BSI" Kukri

Gurkha MK 5 "BSI" Kukri

based on the British Army Standard Issue (BSI) Kukri knife used by the

Brigade of Gurkhas in the Far East in the 1950`s and 1960`s. 

This is Heritage Knives take on the famous post WW2 issue “Mark 5” (MK 5) Kukri, inspired by those used in the British Army´s Brigade of Gurkhas during the 1950´s and 1960´s. Similar Kukri knives were used during the Malayan Emergency, Borneo Confrontation & Hong Kong border duties in the Far East.   

Our design predates the commercialisation of the MK 5 Kukri, based on Kukri´s in use during the late 1940´s to the 1960´s and made to be functional to be used as a knife and tool. It is a salute to Gurkha military history over the second half of the 20th century and what we belive should be used within the military today. 

Available in fulltang at DLT Trading (USA) and in Sticktang can be ordered through our webshop

Stick tang.

Gurkha MK 5 Kukri, British Army Standard Issue by Heritage Knives Nepal.


Blade: 10,75 inch.

Steel: AISI 5160 steel.

Hardening: Oil.

Handle: 5 inch,

Tang: optional Full/Stick-tang


Weight: Stick @ 475 g / Full @ 530 grams.
Scabbard: Black leather covered on wooden base, belt frog.

Finish: Satin (Mirror optional).

As our blades are fully handmade without CNC machine nor high-tech machinery and based on traditional skills blending with modern knifemaking science. There maybe some minor differences from blade to blade and from given specifications.The variation will not effect the blades functionality nor performance. 

Full tang.

Gurkha MK 5 Kukri, British Army Standard Issue by Heritage Knives Nepal.

This hand-forged Kukri has a blade just below 11 inches and is made with 5160 steel, oil quenched and heat treated to the highest standards in Nepal. A tapered blade for multi-purpose outdoor use and specifically for cutting and chopping, a sharp tip point for stabbing. The weight is determined by if you want it in full-tang or stick-tang, while both optionsallows the Kukri´s natural weight to be used in favour with martial flexibility and speed.

The handle is adapted for comfort and stability and has a stronger curve then many of our other Kukri´s and a little different then those issued in the 1950-60´s period. Comes with traditional military scabbard with black leather covered over wood.

The Gurkha MK 5 "BSI" Kukri is a great all-round Kukri suitable for the many activities in the outdoors. If you need it for battle remember the last Gurkha VC was won with a MK 5 Kukri during the Borneo Confrontation and many more gallantry awards won over WW2 and WW1 with a Kukri in hand.

The Mark 5 (MK 5) is the last of the Official Standard Issue Pattern Kukri knives of the 20th century. It has been used in the British Army since after WW2 and until today, in somewhat different styles as the pattern has changed a little over the years. A version is still used within the British Army called the BSI (British Standard Issue), No 1 and No 2 and can be called a hybrid of the MK 5. Read more about the Official British Army Standard Issue MK 5 here. 


With the MK 5 Kukri the Gurkhas have served and fought around most of the World, keeping the world safe and secure. From SE Asia to the Falklands, from the Gulf to the Balkans, while on duty at Buckingham Palace to almost always be found on the side of a Gurkha soldier. The MK 5 is the most common Kukri style and often seen on parade and active field duty. If one Kukri had to be picked to represent the modern-day Gurkha, it would be the MK 5!

In gallery below some further images, including two photos from, left - IKRHS, right - SirKukri (via Osprey).