Q 225 Knife

Q 225 Quartermaster Knife

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Q225 Quartmermaster Cattaraugus knife, hunting, bushcraft, survival, military. Handforged with high carbon steel. Inspired by the famous WW2 fighting knife of the US military in World War 2. WW2 US Military knife.

Q225 Quartermaster Cattaraugus 6” Knife.

Inspired by the famous WW2 fighting knife of the US military, originally made by the Cattaraugus Knives Company in New York state between 1942-44. It was issued across the US Military. Users and collectors often refer it to be among the best knives of WW2. 

Our Q225 Knife is handforged the old way without powertools, made with new high carbon steel of AISI 5160 grade, properly quenched as per the steels specifications, heat treated and made for hard use. It has become popular within the hunting, bushcrafting and survival communities. 

Slightly larger than our Boone, this knife has a larger belly for skinning, a strong blade design for standard camp chores and/or bushcraft. A knife that lives up to its past glory in use, a military classic! Comes with hand stitched leather sheath. 

Handle & tang options includes:

1. Sticktang with rosewood.

2. Sticktang with stacked black leather.

3. Fulltang with rosewood.

Micarta & Buffalo horn is available on request. 


Blade: High carbon steel, 6” blade. 


1. Rosewood (Sticktang)

2. Stacked leather (Sticktang).

3. Fulltang with wood. 


Tang: Stick / Full. 

Weight: 220-270 g depending on handle option.

HRC: 58-60.