20th C. Official Gurkha Issue

Mr. Jonathan Sedwell, perhaps more known as Spiral on several leading Kukri forums, is known for his expertise on Antique Kukri knives. Mr. Sedwell, a leading expert, has spent almost half his life researching, collecting and using Kukri knives. 

His work "The 20th Century British Military Gurkha Issue Kukri. Including Official Pattern approved, unit & unknown issue types" is a much celebrated article that clearly lays out the various Kukri knives as issued in the pre 1947 Indian Army and then in the British Army. The Revolutionary findings has tremendously benefited the collecting community since it first was made public in 2006. It was this article that first of all made it very clear which styles, criteria and more made up the Issue Kukris of the Gurkhas over the 20th Century. 

Heritage Knives is therefor very pleased to be able to offer his article here, as PDF below and as web material as found in the menu "20th C. Official Gurkha Issue". This is the updated version from 2015 which was based on Sedwell´s original article from 2006.

The following material is published with the authors permission to be used by Heritage Knives.


Part 1 -

The Mark (MK) 1 Kukri.


Part 5 -

The Mark (MK) 5 Kukri.


Part 2 -

The Mark (MK) 2 Kukri.

(1915- 1944)

Part 3 -

The Mark (MK) 3 Kukri.


Part 4 -

The Mark (MK) 4 Kukri.