Jungle Parang Golok Machete

 Jungle Bevel, approx 15 mm. 

Jungle Parang Golok Machete

New Zealand SAS with Issue Machetes in the Far East. 

Standard Issue Bevel, approx 5 mm. 


Overall: 18,25 inches / 46 cm

Blade: 13”  / 33 cm,

High Carbon Spring Steel 


Handle: 5” / 13 cm,

Himalayan Timber, Full Tang,

Lanyard hole

Weight: 540 g

HRC: 56-58

Scabbard: Brown leather (hand stitched).


Hand forged

Proper Heat treat

Quenched as per the steels requirement 

Choice of Bevel (Issue / Jungle). 

Our Golok is an excellent choice in the jungle and forest, it was made for cutting bush and branches, a stout utility tool. The 13” blade is brilliant as a cutting and chopping tool and can be used while Bush-crafting to hiking and will be useful for various tasks like chopping thick bushes & bamboo, slashing through sugarcane or tall grass to felling trees to set up camp.



Heritage Knives Parang Golok Machete is crafted by hand, forged with new high carbon steel, made as per Eastern & Western black smithing traditions by our fine craftsmen whom for generations have been making various Himalayan utility and military weapons. Each piece is carefully examined by our smiths & team for best performance in your hands.

Heritage Knives reproduction is based on the British Army Jungle training and operations Parang Golok Machete from 1985, with the difference that ours is complete full tang. The close relationship of the Gurkhas to the Jungle Training School in Brunei (see patch above), where the Golok is another common weapon besides the Kukri, made it a natural choice for us to make and offer to you.  

Add that the Parang Golok shares a similar function in Indonesian & Malayan region as the Kukri in Nepal and among the Gorkhas/Gurkhas. Both are used by civilians and armed forces as a utility weapon.

109 usd

Gallery for General Issue Bevel. 

The Machete has been a British Military weapon since WW2 in the Far East and Tropical areas and also used durng the Cold War. The Parang Golok Machete carries NATO stock nr 5110-99-120-9242.


The Golok is a common blade in Indonesia and Malaysia with many variations and belong to the Parang family of blades.  Parang is also a word used for similar Indonesian & Malaysian blades which are longer and broader then the shorter Golok.

Gallery for Jungle Bevel. 

The blade is light enough (540 g) for martial arts use heavy enough to use over a longer period of time to cut and chop. It balances well with a point of balance at the start of the edge (7 cm /2,5” from handle tip).

Please do allow up to 5% difference in weight and measurements as each piece is hand forged there maybe minor differences inbetween the pieces and batches made. 


We offer a choice of Bevel (Issue or Jungle)

and Polish (Mirror or Utility).

Launched Feb. 2020, developed over the winter of 2019-2020.