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Webshop of Heritage knives Nepal. Buy a Kukri or a knife from Heritage Knives!
Kukri, Khukuri and Knife maker in Nepal, the land of Gurkhas, Buddha, Mt. Everest and the Himalayan mountains.

Following the Gurkha traditions and modern knife making techniques our Blades are superior and made to be used

and come with warranty.


Please read "Pre-order" information regarding waiting times and other useful information prior to ordering. 

Pre-Order Information

Welcome to webshop of Heritage Knives Nepal. Due to high demand we are currently operating with a 4-5 week wait on most orders. 

Please note that each piece is handforged and handmade which often results in some minor differences between each piece and batch.

Weight - there may be some variation in weight and we currently have a 5% +/- differance on weight and working on making it more uniform.

Thus a piece listed as 600 g, may vary from 570-630 g. If the exact weight is super important please contact us or inform us when ordering.

Each piece is tested for qualiy and functionality and the difference of weight does not hamper performance but we understand each user to have their preferances and in the process of standardising so there is less weight differance.

In the FAQ section you can find info regarding how to best take care of your Kukri / Knife /Blade.

We usually keep most blades in stock but this can vary depedning on order demands, production schedule, supplies and other factors. Thus it is not uncommon with a waiting period, which can be from a few days to several months. We will within 48 hours of your order being received reply back with an approximate date if we do not have the product in stock. 


It does take time to hand-forge and ensure our quality standards.

Please always contact us if you are in a rush or have any questions. We will confirm your order within 48 hours.

All Kukri/Khukuri knives are as a standard with SATIN polish. Mirror is optional and can be added in webshop. 


 Historical information on our Military reproduction Kukri knives can be found in the history section. 

We do offer semi-customisation too!

Thank you for choosing a handcrafted quality Knife from Heritage Knives!

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